King Kung Foo Records is an independent micro label of love nestled near the infamous red light district of Antwerp.

Armed with its own programming & mixing studio it is a shout out loud forum established for quality and quaint.

In 2005 we met with the legendary Bob Zmuda, best friend and co-writer of the late pioneering dogma cult genius Andy Kaufman and got his blessing to use an image of Tony Clifton. 

Clifton is besides the alter ego of Kaufman - but don't you dare to say that when he's around - also the start & open ending of what might be one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled on man.

This image was then passed on to U.S. pop art artist Peter Stanick who gifted us the iconic and timeless King Kung Foo logo. 

Simple things we're so proud of...

So that's the story behind the package but what about the content?  Let us put it this way:

a King Kung Fooking roller-coaster ride through a varied landscape of good & lasting music you won't forget, honestly!